One month ago I had to pack up my life of  last 15 years and say good bye to my dog who was the only loyal guy I will ever knew , and leave him behind , so my ex could buy me out of my home and watch me walk away from it all. On top of it all , my 23 year old daughter decided she didn’t want to come and she was going to stay in the house with him . Rent free..ok Im beginning to get that part.

I had to walk out and not look back as I was being forced to move out and since I was the homemaker and did not work during our entire marriage, somehow a judge thought throwing me out of my home to start over with not a great  job that would really be a smart move.  So instead he lets the man who betrayed his wife and kids with not only one affair, but two affairs, have the house and watch us now fight in court over things that should not even be questioned.. All I wanted was for my son to be able to finish living in the only home he knew until he was 18. and then we would sell the house. My son is 14 today ..I don’t think I was asking that  much and what judge would disagree?? Mine I guess… So I had to move ..yes I got money from the house and him buying me out, but I cant help but feel like hes still getting away with everything…the affairs, the pain and now hes even getting away with making sure I walk away with not one thing so that he comes out on top. I know Karma is out there and I hope she sees what I Do and makes her way around.

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