Why do you gotta be so ugly

Divorce is a very angry ugly process. It almost feels like a time where two people think that during this time, it is an opportunity where you can try to hurt them and get back at them for whatever past anger and resentment you have built up. It’s a fight on going about who’s the better parent who deserves the money and why the person doesn’t deserve the money and it’s just so sad and angry and vindictive. . as you’re going through it you look back to when it all started when you to first met and when there was a genuine love and excitement for each other, and you create a life together and you just think how in the hell could two people have such hate for each other after all those years. Why do two people who once loved each other. But are both Unhappy and want different things in life after so many years, why does it have to end so horrible.

I keep thinking to myself why am I going through this and it’s so difficult why is this man so upset and angry with me today when he is the one who left the marriage and had the affair’s? Why hate me ?

I’m just very sad that everything has to be so ugly. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this because I’m a princess through all this because as I am going through my divorce today I’m feeling all of those things but it’s just sad that. it’s even more sad that I have to have layers investigate his finances after 15 years of sharing my with him . life because the man I thought I married is really not the person I thought . The man that I’m divorcing today wants me to end up with absolutely nothing in the end of this …. that man also has planned this divorce for many years before he left me and he’s taking money and hiding it . He has made his financial situation look like he has not a lot of money. This is the same man who had not only one but two affairs and left me while I was at work , sat down my kids while without me present , and told them we were getting a divorce. Mind you I had not got that memo yet. The same man when I came home from work had no idea what was going on my husband left me and as this process goes I soon learned that not only did this man have two affairs but turns out there is land in another country that he’s had for many years so the man I married 15 years ago was already hiding huge secrets from me and I never had a clue. I feel so disgusted it’s such a weird feeling to think I was living with somebody who I thought I knew and in the reality was I have no idea anymore it’s a scary feeling to know I lived with a stranger who pretended to be someone else.

it’s amazing how easy it is for him to do these things with no care about all the people it affects.

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