An apology Letter I cam across that I should have wrote for my own kids

I am sorry we failed. I will forever feel guilty that we broke your home and world apart. I know it’s ultimately for the best, but I know, and you have explicitly told me, that you would rather us all live together with some tension than separately tension-free. You don’t know that I was no... Continue Reading →


Taking away the only world they knew

I came across this story that some else wrote and  it was So powerful to me because I Felt all these same feeling when my marriage ended 3 years ago. I still feel them with my kids and yet I don’t think I have ever told them I’m sorry.  My daighter is 22 and my... Continue Reading →

I remember the day I met you. It was love at first sight. The way you looked at me through your sparkly eyes, it was a look that I had never seen before. When we touched lips, I began to feel your love for me run down my throat and through my veins until I... Continue Reading →

Enjoying my own company

My life today is in such a different place than it was 3 years ago....If you asked where I was 10 years ago, I would tell you I was living a nightmare from finding out about my husbands affair that had been going on right under my nose for over a year. If you ask... Continue Reading →

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